Welcome to the Game Show! You can compete with the on-camera contestants and with other viewers!

  • Any one may play. The competition is open to everyone independent of age, gender, race, religion or nationality.
  • There is no cost to compete in the TV Game Shows. Simply sign-up and start playing.
  • One player may play an episode only one time.
  • One player may win only one prize for each episode.
  • Prizes will be sent by email when possible. If a mailing is necessary, mailing will be limited to within the USA. No prizes will be mailed outside the USA.
  • Any player violating the rules will forfeit his/her winnings. The decision by will be final and binding.
  • There are limited number of seats available in each broadcasts. If you are unable to get in, you can play by playing in a later broadcast.
  • Prizes are awarded both by merit and by chance. These prizes are provided by sponsors. Details of prizes will be provided on the website for each broadcast.
  • Use the latest versions of the browsers to play along.
  • Do not close the browser once you click the Play button.
  • If you miss a broadcast of an episode, you may play along with in another upcoming broadcast of the episode. player can play next episode. But, the chance to play an episode only once out of 18 broadcasts.
  • Prize information of every broadcasts available in TV Schedule Calendar and Pl button at List of Matches.
  • It is your responsibility to use a broadband connection. has no control over your bandwidth and internet connection. Prizes will be awarded at the end of each broadcast on the basis of your position at the conclusion of the rounds of play.
  • Lucky winners will be chosen randomly from players matching winning solutions in the following situation: When more players match the winning solutions than the number of prizes available. For example, if there are two prizes available and 5 players match the winning solutions, the two players will be randomly chosen for the two prizes.