Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can play?

    From home: Any one may play. The competition is open to everyone independent of age, gender, race, religion or nationality.

    From the TV Studios: Only invited students may participate to be contestants in the TV studios.

  2. How can students from our school participate from the TV Studios?

    You can apply to be a contestant from the studios by visiting

  3. Is there a cost to compete in the Game show?

    It is FREE. Either to play from home or to play from our studios. Simply sign-up and start playing.

  4. Can one player play from multiple devices simultaneously?

    One player may play an episode only one time (any device). One person can have only one account. Any person violating this rule will forfeit his/her winnings.

  5. Can a player win more than one prize for each episode?

    Usually, a player may win only one prize for each episode. Under rare circumstances, a player may win both a merit prize and a lucky prize.

  6. How can I redeem my prize?

    Prize vouchers will be sent by email with information on how, when and where to claim your prizes.

  7. When can I play-along from home?

    You can play-along on broadcasts at their scheduled time. The “Play” button will be available 15 minutes prior to the broadcast time. For example, for a 10:00 AM broadcast, the play button will be available at 9:45 AM. You can click “Play” and wait for the broadcast to start. There are limited number of seats available in each broadcast. If you are unable to get in, you can join a later broadcast of the same episode.

  8. Who can win?

    Prizes are awarded both by merit and by chance.

  9. What are the prizes?

    Prizes are provided by sponsors. Details of prizes will be available on the website for each broadcast.

    If you miss a broadcast of an episode, you may play along with in another upcoming broadcast of that episode.

  10. What are the prizes that I can win?

    Prize information of every broadcast is available in TV Schedule Calendar and Pl button at List of Matches.

  11. Any other tips?

    Use the latest versions of browsers to play along.

    Do not close the browser once you click the Play button.

    It is your responsibility to use a broadband connection. has no control over your bandwidth and internet connection. Prizes will be awarded at the end of each broadcast on the basis of your position at the conclusion of all rounds of play.

    When players match the winning solutions are more than the number of prizes available, then Lucky Winners will be chosen randomly from players matching winning solutions. For example, if there are two prizes available and 5 players match the winning solutions, the two players will be randomly chosen for the two prizes.

    Any player violating the rules will forfeit his/her winnings. The decision by will be final and binding.

  12. What is the tournament format?

    There will be two divisions: one for juniors (Classes 5, 6 and 7) and another for seniors (Classes 8, 9 and 10).

    The entire season is 37 weeks long.

    First 24 weeks are regular season and the remaining 13 weeks are play-offs.

    There will be a total of 24 teams selected for the play-offs from the contestants in the first 24 weeks. There will be a wild card selection for the remaining three slots into the play offs.

    Selection criteria will be based on merit and participation rate.

    Quarterfinal round will be for 9 weeks from week 25 to 33. A total of 9 semi-finalists will be chosen.

    Semifinal round will be for 3 weeks from week 34 to 36. Three finalists will emerge.

    The grand finale will be on week 37 and a NumbersBee champion will be crowned.

    Employees, immediate family members or those living in the same residence of employees of any company related to the show are ineligible to play (companies include Vel Micro Works Incorporated, its contractors, Arjun Production House P Ltd, Sri Sankara TV, Ayush TV, and their Group of companies).

     Tournament Block Diagram